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Year Model Bed
Part #


07-10 Silverado/Sierra w/OE or Aftermarket rail caps (3)(7)(8) LB LG219M View
07-10 Silverado/Sierra (3)(7)(8)(10) LB LG217M View
07-10 Silverado/Sierra (3)(7)(10) SB LG207M View
07-10 Silverado/Sierra (3)(7)(10) XSB LG271M View
04-06 Silverado/Sierra (Denali) 1500 Crew Cab (7) XSB LG270M  
02-06 Silverado/Sierra (Denali) (7) SB LG208M  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra (8) LB LG216M  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra, w/OE or aftermarket rail caps (7)(8) LB LG218M  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra SB LG206M  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra, w/OE or aftermarket rail caps (7) SB LG208M  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra, Sportside (2) SS/SB LG305M  
88-98 Silverado/Sierra (8) LB LG210M  
88-98 Silverado/Sierra SB LG200M  
88-98 Silverado/Sierra, Sportside (2) SS/SB LG300M  
04-10 Colorado/Canyon, Reg & Ext Cab SB LG260M  
04-10 Colorado/Canyon, Dbl Cab (1)(7) XSB LG265M  
01-03 S-10/Sonoma, Crew Cab XSB LG255M  
94-03 S-10/Sonoma (8) LB LG250M  
94-03 S-10/Sonoma SB LG240M  
2010 Ram 2500 - 3500 (3)(7)(8) LB LG449M


2010 Ram 2500 - 3500 (3)(7) SB LG448M


09-10 Ram 1500 (3)(7)(8) LB LG449M


09-10 Ram 1500 (3)(7) SB LG448M


09-10 Ram 1500 (3) XSB LG447M


09-10 Ram RamBox (3) XSB LG446M View
2009 Ram 2500 - 3500 (7)(8)(10) LB LG455M  
2009 Ram 2500 - 3500 (7)(10) SB LG445M  
03-08 Ram 1500 - 3500 (7)(8)(10) LB LG455M  
03-08 Ram 1500 - 3500 (7)(10) SB LG445M  
2002 Ram 2500/3500 (7)(8) LB LG450M  
2002 Ram 1500 (7)(8) LB LG455M  
2002 Ram 2500/3500 (7) SB LG440M  
2002 Ram 1500 (7) SB LG445M  
94-01 Ram (7)(8) LB LG450M  
94-01 Ram (7) SB LG440M  
08-10 Dakota Extended Cab w/ OE utility rails (3)(10) LB LG408M  
08-10 Dakota Crew Cab w/ OE utility rails (3)(10) SB LG407M  
05-10 Dakota Club Cab w/o OE utility rails (1) LB LG426M  
05-10 Dakota Quad Cab w/o OE utility rails (1) SB LG406M  
00-04 Dakota Quad Cab (1) XSB LG405M  
87-04 Dakota (1)(8) LB LG435M  
87-04 Dakota (1) SB LG425M  
08-10 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty (8)(11) LB LG119M View
08-10 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty (11) SB LG109M View
99-07 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty (8) LB LG117M  
99-07 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty SB LG107M  
09-10 F-150 (3)(8)(11) LB LG113M View
09-10 F-150 (3)(11) SB LG112M View
09-10 F-150 (3)(11) XSB LG111M View
04-08 F-150 (8) LB LG118M  
04-08 F-150 SB LG108M  
04-08 F-150 Super Cab XSB LG170M  
97-03 F-150 (Including '04 Heritage) (8) LB LG115M  
97-03 F-150 (Including '04 Heritage) SB LG105M  
73-98 F-250 & F-350 (8) LB LG110M  
73-98 F-250 & F-350 SB LG100M  
73-96 F-150 (8) LB LG110M  
73-96 F-150 SB LG100M  
04-09 F-150 Flareside (1)(3)(7)(8) SS/SB LG146M  
97-03 F-150 Flareside (2)(8) SS/SB LG145M  
90-96 F-150 Flareside (8) SS/SB LG140M  
06-08 F-150 Super Crew SB LG108M  
04-08 F-150 Super Crew XSB LG170M  
01-03 F-150 Super Crew (1)(2) XSB LG165M  
06-10 Sport Trac XSB LG176M View
00-05 Sport Trac (7) XSB LG175M  
93-10 Ranger Flareside (Splash) SS/SB LG150M  
82-10 Ranger (8) LB LG130M  
82-10 Ranger SB LG120M  
06-10 Ridgeline (1)(12) XSB LG720M  View 
09-10 H3T XSB LG268M  View 
06-10 I-290, Reg & Ext Cab SB LG260M  
06-10 I-370, Dbl Cab (1)(7) XSB LG265M  
96-00 Hombre, Reg Cab (8) LB LG250M  
96-00 Hombre, Reg & Space Cab SB LG240M  
06-08 Mark LT (9) SB LG108M  
06-08 Mark LT (9) XSB LG170M  
94-10 B-Series (8) LB LG130M  
94-10 B-Series SB LG120M  
06-10 Raider Ext Cab (1) LB LG426M  
06-10 Raider Ext Cab & Double Cab (1) SB LG406M  
07-10 Titan, Crew Cab (3) LB LG826M  
04-10 Titan, Crew Cab (3) SB LG825M  
07-10 Titan, King Cab (3) LB LG827M  
04-10 Titan, King Cab (3) SB LG820M  
06-10 Frontier, Crew Cab (1) LB LG802M  
05-10 Frontier, Crew Cab (1) SB LG807M  
05-10 Frontier, King Cab (1) LB LG802M  
02-04 Frontier, Crew Cab (1) LB LG800M  
00-04 Frontier, Crew Cab (1) XSB LG805M  
98-04 Frontier, King Cab (1) SB LG800M  
98-04 Frontier, Reg Cab (1)(8) LB LG810M  
98-04 Frontier, Reg Cab (1)(6) SB LG800M  
85.5-97 Hardbody (8) LB LG810M  
85.5-97 Hardbody (6) SB LG800M  
09-10 Equator, Ext Cab LB LG802M  
09-10 Equator, Crew Cab SB LG807M  
07-10 Tundra, Single Cab & Double Cab (8) LB LG572M View
09-10 Tundra, Single Cab & Double Cab SB LG571M View
07-10 Tundra, Crew Max Cab XSB LG570M View
04-06 Tundra, Double Cab SB LG565M  
99-06 Tundra, Ext Cab (13) SB LG546M  
99-06 Tundra, Reg Cab (5)(8)(13) LB LG556M  
03-06 Tundra, Stepside (2)(8) SS/SB LG560M  
05-10 Tacoma, Double Cab (1) LB LG502M  
05-10 Tacoma, Double Cab (1) SB LG507M  
05-10 Tacoma, Reg or Access Cab (1) LB LG502M  
01-04 Tacoma, Double Cab (1) XSB LG505M  
95-04 Tacoma, Reg or Ext Cab (8) LB LG510M  
95-04 Tacoma, Reg or Ext Cab SB LG500M  
93-98 T-100 (8) LB LG556M  
93-98 T-100 (4) SB LG546M  
90-94 Truck, Reg Cab (8) LB LG510M  
90-94 Truck, Reg or Ext Cab SB LG500M  
Asian, European & South American Applications
Year Model Bed
Part #
05-10 Ranger Crew Cab (14) XSB 121M  
99-10 Double Cab (7)(14) XSB 126M  
99-10 Super Cab (7)(14) SB 128M  
03-10 Rodeo/Colorado Double Cab (14) XSB 267M  
03-10 Rodeo/Colorado Space Cab (14) SB 269M  
03-10 D-Max Crew Cab (14) XSB 246M  
2010 L-200 Double Cab (flat bedrail) (14) XSB 610M  
2010 L-200 Club Cab (flat bedrail) (14) SB 611M  
06-09 L-200 Double Cab (curved bedrail) (14) XSB 601M  
06-09 L-200 Club Cab (flat bedrail) (14) SB 605M  
98-07 L-200 Double Cab GLS (14) XSB 655M  
98-07 L-200 Club Cab GLS/GLX (14) SB 658M  
05-10 Double Cab (1)(3)(7)(14) XSB 809M  
05-10 King Cab (1)(3)(7)(14) SB 803M  
98-04 Double Cab Navara (14) XSB 806M  
98-04 King Cab Navara (14) SB 808M  
06-10 Hilux / Vigo Xtra Cab (7)(14) SB 512M  
06-09 Hilux / Vigo Double Cab (7)(14) XSB 511M  
98-05 Hilux Double Cab (14) XSB 506M  
98-05 Hilux Xtra Cab (14) SB 508M  
2010 Amerok Double Cab (14) XSB 751M  
1. Roll-N-Lock® unit impedes operation of the OE Bed Extender option.
2. Requires drilling holes to mount tracks.
3. OE cargo management system must be removed & discarded for installation of Roll-N-Lock® unit. Consider Cargo Manager® option.
4. Needs eight (8) #2 bed clamps.
5. OE plastic tailgate cap must be replaced with 1/16" thick aftermarket tailgate cap.
6. Special Order Only. Must provide exact bedrail length at time of order.
7. Uses additional flanges (included) that screw or clamp to the inside edge of the OE bed rails. Allow additional 15 min. for installation.
8. Ships in two boxes. Additional shipping charges may apply.
9. OE chrome bedrails must be removed and discarded. Mounting holes will be visible. Consider replacing OE bedrail caps.
10. OE tailgate cap must be replaced with aftermarket tailgate cap provided with system.
11. If equipped w/OE tailgate step, cover must be converted to an "NT" (no tailgate lock) installation. Necessary components are included.
12. Reduces OE trunk opening to 15.5"
13. '99 - '00 models require the use of eight (8) #2 Clamps.

Copyright © 2010 Roll-N-Lock® Corporation

Roll-N-Lock® M-Series™…the most advanced retractable truck bed cover made, has redefined the rules for truck bed security. From its retractable function, which permits opening or closing in literally seconds, to its rigid, vinyl-over-aluminum laminated construction, this hybrid cover offers everything other covers do not. There are no snaps to manipulate, there is no roll or bundle to lash down or stow, no cross bars to negotiate, no fabric shrinkage to struggle with and, best of all, no worries about the security of cargo. The Roll-N-Lock retractable bed cover…by far the most sophisticated and versatile truck bed cover made.

What sets Roll-N-Lock’s cover construction apart from the competition is not just the superior quality of our vinyl surface material, but also the design of the slatted aluminum substrate which supports the vinyl. Each Roll-N-Lock slat is rotatively joined by an interlocking hinge. It is the geometry of this uniquely-contoured hinge that lends Roll-N-Lock its strength, roll compactness and quiet, smooth, non-binding movement. Close examination of the Roll-N-Lock hinge in the flat position reveals the fact that each slat is inseparably locked together, yet when rotated, no metal-to-metal contact occurs.


(click on image to zoom)

Unique Construction
Contoured, patented hinge design provides smooth, frictionless rotation. In the rotated position, the locking flange functions as a positive stop, minimizing stress on the surface material. In the flat position, the locking flange traps the radius of the adjacent slat, preventing disengagement when a surface load is applied.

Clamp-On Installation
Roll-N-Lock's patented clamp-on track design greatly simplifies the installation process while minimizing the need for drilling holes on most trucks.

Compact Housing And Flush Handle
With the cover fully retracted, the handle mechanism rolls back flush with the face of Roll-N-Lock’s compact housing, allowing more room for unobstructed storage.

Torsion Spring Equipped
Roll-N-Lock employs a heavy duty torsion spring drive which is housed in a 3" aluminum reel to ensure years of reliable use.


Recessed drain fittings ensure rapid and complete drainage of the unit housing.

Multiple Latching Positions
With just a turn of the lock-lever, the Roll-N-Lock bed cover slides open. As the cover is pulled back using the convenient built-in pull strap, the patented ratchet-style locking mechanism latches in place at ¼, ½, ¾ or fully-closed positions.


Built-In Tailgate Lock
Keep cargo safe with Roll-N-Lock’s patented built-in tailgate locking system. Our positive system locks the tailgate and bed cover simultaneously for the most secure system possible in a retractable bed cover application.


Finger Insulator Grip
For very sunny and hot climates, we have developed a finger insulator grip, which allows the handle to be grasped without fingertips being burned.


Key Slot Cover
For colder regions, we have developed a key slot cover to prevent water from entering the lock mechanism and freezing.


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