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Year Model Bed
Cargo Manager®
Part #


07-10 Silverado/Sierra w/OE or aftermarket rail caps LB CM219 View
07-10 Silverado/Sierra LB CM217 View
07-10 Silverado/Sierra SB CM207  View
07-10 Silverado/Sierra XSB CM271  View
04-06 Silverado/Sierra (Denali) 1500 Crew Cab XSB CM270  
02-06 Silverado/Sierra (Denali) SB CM208  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra LB CM216  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra, w/OE or aftermarket rail caps LB CM218  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra SB CM206  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra, w/OE or aftermarket rail caps SB CM208  
99-06 Silverado/Sierra, Sportside SS/SB N/A  
88-98 Silverado/Sierra LB CM210  
88-98 Silverado/Sierra SB CM200  
88-98 Silverado/Sierra, Sportside SS/SB N/A  
04-10 Colorado/Canyon, Reg & Ext Cab SB CM260  
04-10 Colorado/Canyon, Dbl Cab XSB CM265  
01-03 S-10/Sonoma, Crew Cab XSB CM255  
94-03 S-10/Sonoma LB CM250  
94-03 S-10/Sonoma SB CM240  
2010 Ram 2500 - 3500 LB CM449  View
2010 Ram 2500 - 3500 SB CM448 View
09-10 Ram 1500 LB CM449 View
09-10 Ram 1500 SB CM448  View
09-10 Ram 1500 XSB CM447  View
09-10 Ram RamBox (1) XSB CM446  
2009 Ram 2500 - 3500 LB CM455  
2009 Ram 2500 - 3500 SB CM445  
03-08 Ram 1500 - 3500 LB CM455  
03-08 Ram 1500 - 3500 SB CM445  
2002 Ram 2500/3500 LB CM450  
2002 Ram 1500 LB CM455  
2002 Ram 2500/3500 SB CM440  
2002 Ram 1500 SB CM445  
94-01 Ram LB CM450  
94-01 Ram SB CM440  
08-10 Dakota Extended Cab w/ OE utility rails LB CM408  
08-10 Dakota Crew Cab w OE utility rails SB CM407  
05-10 Dakota Club Cab w/o OE utility rails LB CM426  
05-10 Dakota Quad Cab w/o OE utility rails SB CM406  
00-04 Dakota Quad Cab XSB CM405  
87-04 Dakota LB CM435  
87-04 Dakota SB CM425  
08-10 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty LB CM119  View
08-10 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty SB CM109  View
99-07 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty LB CM117  
99-07 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty SB CM107  
09-10 F-150 LB CM113  View
09-10 F-150 SB CM112  View
09-10 F-150 Flareside SS/SB CM146  
09-10 F-150 XSB CM111  View
04-08 F-150 LB CM118  
04-08 F-150 SB CM108  
04-08 F-150 Super Cab XSB CM170  
97-03 F-150 (Including '04 Heritage) LB CM115  
97-03 F-150 (Including '04 Heritage) SB CM105  
73-98 F-250 & F-350 LB CM110  
73-98 F-250 & F-350 SB CM100  
73-96 F-150 LB CM110  
73-96 F-150 SB CM100  
04-08 F-150 Flareside SS/SB CM146  
97-03 F-150 Flareside SS/SB N/A  
90-96 F-150 Flareside SS/SB N/A  
06-08 F-150 Super Crew SB CM108  
04-08 F-150 Super Crew XSB CM170  
01-03 F-150 Super Crew XSB CM165  
06-10 Sport Trac XSB N/A  
00-05 Sport Trac XSB N/A  
93-10 Ranger Flareside (Splash) SS/SB CM150  
82-10 Ranger LB CM130  
82-10 Ranger SB CM120  
05-10 Ridgeline XSB N/A  
09-10 H3T XSB CM268 View
06-10 I-290, Reg & Ext Cab SB CM260  
06-10 I-370, Dbl Cab XSB CM265  
96-00 Hombre, Reg Cab LB CM250  
96-00 Hombre, Reg & Space Cab SB CM240  
06-08 Mark LT SB CM108  
05-08 Mark LT XSB CM170  
94-10 B-Series LB CM130  
94-10 B-Series SB CM120  
06-10 Raider Ext Cab LB CM426  
06-10 Raider Ext Cab & Double Cab SB CM406  
07-10 Titan, Crew Cab LB CM826  
04-10 Titan, Crew Cab SB CM825  
07-10 Titan, King Cab LB CM827  
04-10 Titan, King Cab SB CM820  
06-10 Frontier, Crew Cab LB CM802  
05-10 Frontier, Crew Cab SB CM807  
05-10 Frontier, King Cab LB CM802  
02-04 Frontier, Crew Cab LB CM800  
00-04 Frontier, Crew Cab XSB CM805  
98-04 Frontier, King Cab SB CM800  
98-04 Frontier, Reg Cab LB CM810  
98-04 Frontier, Reg Cab SB CM800  
85.5-97 Hardbody LB CM810  
85.5-97 Hardbody SB CM800  
09-10 Equator, Ext Cab LB CM802  
09-10 Equator, Crew Cab SB CM807  
07-10 Tundra, Single Cab & Double Cab LB CM572  
07-10 Tundra, Single Cab & Double Cab SB CM571  
07-10 Tundra, Crew Max Cab XSB CM570  
04-06 Tundra, Double Cab SB CM565  
99-06 Tundra, Ext Cab SB CM546  
99-06 Tundra, Reg Cab LB CM556  
03-06 Tundra, Stepside SS/SB CM560  
05-10 Tacoma, Double Cab LB CM502  
05-10 Tacoma, Double Cab SB CM507  
05-10 Tacoma, Reg or Access Cab LB CM502  
01-04 Tacoma, Double Cab XSB CM505  
95-04 Tacoma, Reg or Ext Cab LB CM510  
95-04 Tacoma, Reg or Ext Cab SB CM500  
93-98 T-100 LB CM556  
93-98 T-100 SB CM546  
90-94 Truck, Reg Cab LB CM510  
90-94 Truck, Reg or Ext Cab SB CM500  
Asian, European & South American Applications
Year Model Bed
Cargo Manager®
Part #
05-10 Ranger Crew Cab XSB CM121  
99-10 Double Cab SB CM126  
99-10 Super Cab LB CM128  
03-10 Rodeo/Colorado Double Cab (14) XSB CM267  
03-10 Rodeo/Colorado Space Cab (14) SB CM269  
03-10 D-Max Crew Cab XSB CM246  
2010 L-200 Double Cab (flat bedrail) XSB CM610  
2010 L-200 Club Cab (flat bedrail) SB CM611  
06-09 L-200 Double Cab (curved bedrail) XSB CM601  
06-09 L-200 Club Cab CR SB CM605  
98-07 L-200 Double Cab GLS SB CM655  
98-07 L-200 Club Cab GLS/GLX LB CM658  
05-10 Double Cab SB CM807  
05-10 King Cab LB CM802  
98-04 Double Cab Navara SB CM806  
98-04 King Cab Navara LB CM808  
06-10 Hilux / Vigo Xtra Cab SB CM512  
06-10 Hilux / Vigo Double Cab XSB CM511  
98-05 Hilux Double Cab SB CM506  
98-05 Hilux Xtra Cab LB CM508  
2010 Amerok Double Cab XBS CM751  
1. Cargo Manager® will not work with E-Series™ electric retractable cover.

Copyright © 2010 Roll-N-Lock® Corporation

Cargo Manager®, an optional companion product for Roll-N-Lock®, is a movable bed divider that can be positioned every 3" along the length of the truck bed to manage and contain lightweight cargo.  Controlled from the driver’s side, Cargo Manager is repositioned by simply squeezing the control levers.  Cargo Manager’s spring-activated mechanism then automatically pins the divider to each side track in the next nearest slot. When combined with a Roll-N-Lock retractable bed cover, this dynamic product combination gives truck owners not only the ability to cover and secure the contents of the truck bed, but also prevents objects from shifting in the bed when stopping or turning abruptly.

(click on image to zoom)

Easy Positioning Feature
Cargo Manager’s spring-loaded control levers, located on the driver’s side of the divider, enable the divider to be conveniently positioned every 3" along the bed length, without the necessity of walking to both sides of the truck.


Lateral Tie-Offs
Laterally-adjustable tie-offs and two bungee cords permit easy securing of any size object, from tool boxes to grocery bags.

Flip-Up Feature
Cargo Manager quickly pivots up and out of the way for most loading chores. Its flip-up feature allows the divider to rotate 90 degrees, holding it parallel to, and 12" above, the bed floor. This is accomplished by simply depressing stops located at the ends of each track, rolling the divider back to allow the rear wheels to exit the tracks, rotating the divider 90 degrees and hanging it on the hooks provided. Long objects, such as ladders or lumber, may then be easily loaded under the divider.

Easy Removal
Weighing only 11 pounds, Cargo Manager can be easily and quickly removed for loading larger items, like appliances, which cannot slide underneath. It’s convenient, easy, and versatile!


Cargo Manager bed dividers can be shipped by FedEx® and UPS.®


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