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Off-road Accessories
Going off-roading is generally an incredible experience but, if you fail to prepare for contingencies, it could quickly turn into one of the worst nightmares of your life. Make no mistake about it: Off-roading can be very dangerous to amateurs that donít take the time to learn about the Hummer and invest in a few Off-road accessories. If you donít lower the tire pressure when you hit off-road terrain, you could be in for a nasty tire experience. If you donít bother to bring some extra fuel, you might find yourself stranded in the middle of an isolated track. If you donít invest in off-road jacks, you might find yourself, again, stranded in the middle of an isolated track with no hope of getting out without help.
Off-road accessories such as trail kits, spray-on liners, and recovery straps help you prepare for just about every emergency you could possibly encounter while out on a fun-filled day of Hummer Off-roading. Of course, all of the Off-road accessories in the world wonít be much help to someone that doesnít have a clue how to use them. Itís important to become well-versed in operating, repairing, and maintaining your Hummer because, when the chips are down, youíre the only one you can count on while youíre out there making the most of your Hummer investment.
In addition to the typical Off-road accessories, itís never a bad idea to carry a satellite phone when leaving the comfort and protection of the city. You may also want to pick up a GPS handheld unit to help make sure you wonít get lost while youíre out having a good time.
Whatís the point of Off-road accessories? Itís all about emergency preparedness. You canít take your safety for granted for a single moment when youíre off-roading because, like so many other situations in life, anything could happen. Bring along food items such as military surplus MREs, lots of water, and some type of long-range communication device.
None of this is said to scare you into giving up your dreams of Off-roading in one of the most impressive civilian sport utility vehicles in existence. You can prepare for every disaster that could possibly happen and still have a good time because you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that youíre not going to be caught off guard.
Below is a list of the most important Off-road accessories to bring along on your next Off-roading excursion:

ē Fuel/Water Cans
They typically come in 5 gallon sizes. Be sure to get an environmentally friendly brand.
ē Recovery Straps
Designed to recover your Hummer from dangerous conditions, recovery straps should ALWAYS be high on your list of Off-road accessories to bring along. You donít want to get caught out in the wilderness without them.
ē Off-road Jacks
These are no less important than recovery straps. If you go off-roading without these, youíre asking for trouble.
Shop around for Off-road accessories thatíll make our off-roading experience more comfortable and safer and remember that your safety is worth a lot more than the money youíd save foregoing these ďfrillsĒ.

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